HC Deb 02 March 1824 vol 10 c645
Sir H. Parnell

said, he had a petition to present from an association in Ireland, denominated the Hibernian Mining Society, praying the House to take no measures that may impede their efforts in the working of the mines in Ireland. It was gratifying to observe, that the shares in this undertaking had been purchased up so rapidly, and that individuals were found who were ready to embark their capital in the speculation. But, at the same time, it was worth considering whether it would be expedient for parliament to invest them with the powers of a joint stock company. Experience had proved, that the powers conferred upon public companies had generally led to negligence in the conduct of their business.

Sir J. Newport

said, if there was any country; in the world which, more than another, required encouragement as to the investing of capital, it was Ireland; and when an undertaking was set on foot to extract from the earth the treasures which he believed Ireland possessed, he hoped the House would not be backward in granting, not a monopoly, for to monopolies he was opposed, but all the assistance which they could bestow with safety and justice; and that they would look with a favourable eye upon the disposition to lay out in Ireland that capital which was so much called for.