HC Deb 12 May 1823 vol 9 cc213-4
Sir T. Lethbridge

presented a petition from the butchers of Leadenhall-market, complaining of the glut of Russian Tallow in the market, and praying for a further import duty on that article. He should be glad to know from the president of the Board of Trade, whether ministers had it not in their serious consideration to add considerably to the present import duty on tallow? It was quite monstrous that foreigners should be allowed to glut the British market with their produce.

Mr. Huskisson

regretted that the chancellor of the exchequer was not present to answer for himself. The hon. baronet must see that the placing an additional duty on tallow was a financial, not a commercial, measure.

Mr. Hume

considered the principle laid down by the hon. baronet as extremely objectionable. The imposition of an ad- ditional duty, instead of punishing Russia, would have the effect of visiting the people of this country with a greater degree of taxation. Instead of adding to the existing duty, he hoped ministers would take it off.

Mr. Monck

condemned the system by which individuals sought to support a system which operated beneficially for themselves, but was injurious to the country in general. He hoped ministers would turn a deaf ear to petitions of this nature.

Sir T. Lethbridge

argued, that the additional duty would not fall on the consumer.

Lord Milton

said, if the additional duty did not fall on the consumer, it was quite clear that the alteration would be of no use to the butchers of Leadenhall-market.

Mr. Ricardo

observed, that the principle advocated by the hon. baronet might be applied to every foreign commodity. As the hon. baronet had discovered so easy a way of reducing the national debt, by throwing the burthen of taxation entirely on foreigners, he ought to become chancellor of the exchequer without delay; for he was afraid they had never yet found a chancellor of the exchequer who could impose taxes without inflicting serious burthens on the people.

Ordered to lie on the table.