HC Deb 13 March 1823 vol 8 c539
Mr. Curteis,

on presenting a petition from Hadleigh, respecting the Agricultural Distress, expressed a wish, that an hon. baronet who had given notice of a motion for the 20th instant, on the subject, would postpone it, as many members who were favourable to the motion would be absent from town.

Sir T. Lethbridge

said, the resolutions which he meant to move were of such great importance to the empire generally, that he should be sorry if a single day were lost in bringing before the House and the country the exact state of the landed interest. Having received the most decided assurance from ministers, that it was not their intention to originate any measures, having for their object the relief of so large a class of society, he could not, consistently with his ideas of duty, consent to put off his motion, even for one day beyond the time already specified. He was determined to persevere.

Ordered to lie on the table.