HC Deb 09 July 1823 vol 9 cc1493-4
Mr. Secretary Peel

said, that in consequence of the sickness which prevailed in the Penitentiary, it would be desirable to confer upon the governors of the institution the power of a temporary removal of the sick prisoners to places where their recovery was likely to be facilitated. He hoped that, under the circumstances, the House, even at that late period of the session, would not object to allow him to bring in a bill for conferring a power of removal similar to that which was possessed with respect to persons confined in the Hulks. He then moved for leave to bring in a bill, to authorize the temporary removal of convicts from the General Penitentiary.

Mr. M. A. Taylor

expressed his approbation of the motion, as in all cases of illness change of air was advised. He denied that there was arty ground for the prejudice that the Penitentiary was un-wholesome on account of its vicinity to the river, for it was am historical fact, that in times when the plague prevailed, those persons who lived near the river escaped the infection.

Mr. Hotford

agreed that the situation was by no means unhealthy, and that the sickness was not connected with the local circumstances of the prison.

Mr. Peel

added, that there was no ground, for supposing that the disease lately prevailing in the Penitentiary was owing to its local situation.—Leave given.

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