HC Deb 11 February 1823 vol 8 c97
Mr. Hume

moved that a Copy of the Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire respecting the Crown Lands and Quit Rents of Ireland, be laid before the House. As he intended to submit a motion to the House on the subject, he thought that a copy of the commissioners' report should be laid before it. He intended to subunit that the whole of these crown lands and quit rents should be sold, and the proceeds appropriated to the payment of the national debt. If put up to sale, he was persuaded they would fetch two millions. The hon. member complained, that the triennial report relative to woods and forests, which ought to have been laid on the table last year, had been kept back. It was intended, he said, that the whole of the crown lands in Great Britain should be available for the public service; but at present they rather increased the burdens of the country, being wholly wasted in pensions. He then moved for a Copy of the said Report; and an Account of the Sums transferred to the Three per Cents, on account of the crown lands, and also of the Forfeited Estates, in Ireland.

Mr. Goulburn

said, that an act had been passed last session, to do the very thing with regard to the crown lands of Ireland, which the hon. member seemed now only to find out would be a convenient thing. As for the measure intended to be founded on these papers, it had already been carried into execution.

Mr. Hume

said, he was aware of the act alluded to, directing the lands to be sold. What he complained of was, not that the House did not make laws enough, but that they were riot executed.

The motion was agreed to.