HC Deb 18 April 1823 vol 8 c1123
General Gascoyne,

seeing the attorney-general for Ireland in the House, wished the right hon. gentleman would have the goodness to inform him, whether it was his intention to renew the measure which the House had under consideration last night. He was anxious to learn something certain as to the course which the right hon. gentleman intended to pursue. At present, the question stood in the nature of an adjourned one. [Cries of "No, no."]

Mr. Plunkett

said, that although the result of last night's discussion was not what he could have wished, yet certainly the question was not an adjourned one, and, therefore, could not be renewed without a notice. He had every disposition to satisfy the hon. member but he was not prepared in answer to a question thus suddenly put, to state what his future conduct with respect to it might be. That would, in a great degree, be influenced by the judgment of others. He had little discretion to exercise upon it. It was confided to his care by those who felt the greatest interest in it: and he stood, therefore, with respect to it, in the nature of a trustee, whose actions must be governed by the opinions of those whom he knew to be the friends of the measure. For his own part, he would say, that he saw nothing to induce him to renew the notice this session.