HC Deb 30 May 1822 vol 7 cc759-60

Mr. Jones moved for leave to bring in a bill "to enlarge and extend the powers of the judges of the several courts of great sessions in Wales, and to amend the laws relating to the same."

Mr. Barham

complained of the course taken by the hon. gentleman, on a former night, in moving that House be counted, and by that means smothering the measure of his hon. friend, (Mr. Allen). If his hon. friend's measure had been suffered to go to a committee, the House would then have had the two plans before them. He could not help thinking that his hon. friend had been ill used.

Mr. Peel

maintained, that nothing could be further from the intention of hon. gentlemen on his side of the House, than to show any want of courtesy to the hon. member for Pembroke. The hon. member for Durham had moved the adjournment of the debate for a fortnight on the night alluded to. The motion for counting the House, therefore, had produced no other result than would have been produced, had the motion for and adjournment been persisted in.

Mr. Denman

said, the question on which a difference had arisen, was not as to adjourning the debate to any particular day, but to the appointment of committee to which the resolutions of his hon. friend and the whole subject might be referred. The present bill supplied a remedy to trivial evils, but did not meet any of the great objections against the present system of Welch judicature. He thought it would be better that the subject should go off altogether till next session, than that such a measure should be adopted.

Leave was given to bring in the bill.