HC Deb 13 February 1822 vol 6 c281
Mr. Alderman Wood

said, he had been intrusted with a Petition from an individual who complained of many hardships. It stated, that an Orange faction having obtained various securities of his, proceeded against him and obtained a verdict from an Orange jury, on a charge of an assault in attempting to escape from the custody of an officer; that he had been unable to obtain justice in consequence of the detention of various papers; and that several interviews he had had with the marquis of Londonderry had been ineffectual for that purpose. He prayed therefore for copies of his correspondence, and of the information under which he had been convicted.

Mr. Peel

said, that while he was chief secretary for Ireland, he did not recollect having heard of any circumstances of the kind.

The petition being read, it appeared to be from Mr. Thomas Flanagan, of Sligo.

Mr. Peel

immediately added, that the name of an individual so notorious brought the facts to his recollection. He was perfectly certain that the petition contained many very gross falsehoods.

Ordered to lie on the table.