HC Deb 06 June 1821 vol 5 cc1125-6
The Marquis of Londonderry

said, he had a communication to make to the House from his royal highness the duke, of Clarence, which had obtained the sanction on of his majesty. Before he made it, however, be would move, "That the Entry in the Journal of the 16th April l818, be react."

It was accordingly read by the clerk as follows:—"Resolved, that his majesty be enabled to grant an additional yearly sum, of money, out of the consolidated fund of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, not exceeding the sum of 6,000l. to make a suitable provision for his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence upon jus marriage."

The Marquis of Londonderry

said, it would be in the recollection of the House that the duke of Clarence had (being at that time about to go abroad) declined accepting the grant of 6,000l. a year proposed by parliament. The feelings which had actuated his royal highness on that occasion were highly honourable to him. Since that time, however, the situation of his royal highness had changed, and in consequence he was now desirous of taking advantage of the favourable intentions of the House, for the argumentation of his royal highness's income to the same amount as that of his royal brothers. He would now move that the resolution of the 16th April 1818 be referred to a committee of the whole House on Friday.

Mr. Hume

begged to ask whether, this being a new parliament, a specific message from the Crown ought not to have been sent down upon the subject? He thought it ought also to be ascertained, whether his late majesty had not left property behind him, out of which the duke of Clarence migh be provided for, without saddling the consolidated fund with a charge which it was unable to bear?

The Marquis of Londonderry

said, that the subject would be better discussed when the question came before the committee. The grant proposed some years ago to the princess of Wales of 50,000l. and eventually of 35,000l. had been gone into without a message from the throne.

The motion was agreed to.