HC Deb 24 May 1819 vol 40 cc670-1
The Speaker

reported the marquis Camden's Answer to his letter concerning the Resolutions of the House of Friday last, as follows: Arlington Street, May 23rd, 1819. Sir;—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 22nd instant, communicating to me a resolution of the House of Commons, unanimously agreed to on Friday last. I trust, Sir, I feel, as becomes me, the high and distinguished honour conferred upon me, by the approbation which the House has been pleased to express, of the conduct I have pursued, in devoting to the exigencies of the state, a part of the emoluments received by me, as one of the tellers of his majesty's exchequer: an office, most graciously conferred upon me by his majesty, in consideration of the public services of my father; and, if I fail in the attempt to express, as I feel, the deep and lasting impression made upon my mind, from having been thought worthy of so marked and honourable a distinction, I trust to the indulgence of the House of Commons, to excuse the very inadequate terms, in which I am enabled to convey the expression of my satisfaction and gratitude. The kind and flattering manner in which you, Sir, have been so good, as to express your sentiments upon this occasion, demands my peculiar acknowledgments, and I request you to accept my most sincere and cordial thanks.—I have the honour to be, &c. CAMDEN.

The right hon. the Speaker,

&c. &c. &c.