HC Deb 04 March 1819 vol 39 cc894-5
Mr. Wrottesley

reminded the House that he had last session been the cause of a committee being appointed to inquire into the expediency of removing the sittings of bankrupt commissioners from Guildhall to some other place. All had not agreed that they ought to be removed, but no one had denied that there was not sufficient accommodation for them in Guildhall. He was of opinion that they might be advantageously removed to Furnival's-inn. He did not scruple to say that the savings which would arise from the change he proposed, would, in a few-years, cover the expense of providing a building fit in every respect, for the reception of the commissioners. He then moved, "That a Select Committee be appointed, to consider of a proper piece of ground for erecting a suitable building for holding the public and private meetings of the commissioners of bankruptcy, and for the transactions of all business in bankruptcy; and that they do report the same, with their opinion thereupon, to the House."

Mr. J. Smith

thought the motion unnecessary, as the city of London had offered Blackwell-hall for the purpose.

Mr. Alderman Wood

believed this motion was brought forward on some speculation-connected with Furnival's-inn. It would be inconvenient to remove the sittings of the commissioners from where they had always been held.

Mr. Alderman Waithman

opposed the motion. The commissioners were, in his opinion, too numerous, and he could wish them reduced from seventy-two to six or or eight. The want of accommodation of which they complained might be in part removed by themselves, if they would appoint different hours for the meetings of creditors.

Mr. Courtenay

was astonished at the Opposition which this motion had received, since it was admitted that at present the commissioners had not proper accommodation.

Mr. Wilson

said, if the city did not give the piece of ground they had offered, then it would be proper to send the subject to a committee. At present he objected to the motion.

Mr. Harvey

showed the present system to be very defective altogether, but could not think it would be an advantage to transfer the sittings of the commissioners to Furnival's-inn.

The House divided: For the motion, 67; Against it, 22. A committee was accordingly appointed.