HC Deb 30 June 1819 vol 40 c1427
William Hallett

was brought to the bar, where he received the following reprimand from Mr. Speaker, and was discharged; William Hallett; the offence for which you stand committed to the custody of the serjeant at arms, is of the most grave and serious description, insulting to the dignity and authority of this House, and an endeavour, as far as in you lay, to impede the course of public justice.—You allege in your petition, in mitigation of your misconduct, that you were not served with the order for attendance; this statement is doubtless correct, but you were reported by a committee of this House, appointed to try the Camelford election petition, as having wilfully absconded with a view to avoid the service of such order.—Be not therefore misled yourself, and think not to mislead the House, by so vain and futile a distinction;—It is no extenuation of your misconduct, and no reparation to public justice, that you did not aggravate your offence by open disobedience. I will only add, that this is an attempt that never can succeed in attaining the object at which it aims;—the only result in which it can terminate, as it has terminated in your case, is, in the disgrace and punishment of the individual who is hardy enough to venture upon it.—In consideration, however, of the peculiar circumstances of this case, the present state of your ill health, your solemn promises of Future amendment, and, above all, the pledge you have given, that you will be found ready to attend at any time when called upon, and with a deliberate determination to give full, and fair, and unreserved testimony, when examined,—under all these considerations, the House has determined to forbear any further punishment, and to release you from your present confinement. In obedience, therefore, to the commands of this House, I reprimand you, and have to inform you, that you are now discharged, upon payment of your fees.