HC Deb 22 January 1819 vol 39 cc69-70
The Chancellor of the Exchequer

moved, "That, in this present session of parliament, all Orders of the Day, set down in the Order Book for Mondays and Fridays, shall be disposed of before the House will proceed upon any Motions of which Notices shall be entered in the Order Book."

Mr. Calcraft

observed, that this arrangement ought to be understood with reference to the necessity of the case. When it was first made, it was done for the accommodation of both sides of the House; and he did not see why the right of bringing on an important motion should be given up in every instance.

Mr. Bennet

was against the principle of giving precedence to orders on every occasion, and said he should exercise his right of bringing forward a motion on those days whenever he thought it necessary.

Mr. Robinson

said, that on all occasions, when the necessity of the case required it, motions might have the precedence. Undoubtedly, the hon. member possessed the right he mentioned, and would exercise it at his own discretion.

The motion was then agreed to.