HC Deb 17 December 1819 vol 41 cc1298-9
Lord Althorp

brought in the Insolvent Debtors bill, and moved its first reading.

Mr. Calcraft

wished to call the attention of the noble lord to a part of his speech on a former day, which, contrary to his intentions he was sure, had wounded the feelings of a most respectable individual, whom he had known for a number of years. He alluded to the late chief clerk of the Insolvent Debtors court.

Lord Althorp

said, he was sorry that anything he had said should have wounded the feelings of the individual in question. He certainly did not intend to do so. In the course of the investigation before the, committee nothing came out which would warrant any imputation against him. He had stated that he was glad that his majesty's ministers had removed every officer of the court, because from the manner in which the court had been conducted, it had lost the confidence of the public, and could not go on. In stating this, however, he did not intend to throw out any imputation against the individual in question.

The bill was then read a first time, and the second reading was fixed for the 16th of February.