HC Deb 13 March 1818 vol 37 c1080
Sir G. Clarice

, seeing a right hon. gentleman in his place, was desirous of putting a question to him, which, he believed, it would be in his power to answer. It would be recollected, that, two years ago, he had introduced a bill to establish the uniformity of weights and measures, which passed that House, but was lost in the House of Peers. A commission, it was then said, would be issued to the royal society, to determine what standard of weights and measures should be adopted. He had last session asked, whether that commission had issued, and if so, what steps had been taken under it? He was informed by the chancellor of the exchequer, that it had not then issued, but that it would in a very short time. He now understood that it had not yet been made out. He therefore Wished to know, what circumstance had occurred to prevent it, and whether it was probable that any commission would speedily be issued? If answered in the negative, he should move for an address to the Prince Regent, praying that a commission should issue immediately after the recess, since he could not bring in a bill on the subject, with any chance of success, till that previous step had been taken.

Mr. Bathurst

stated, that he could not give the hon. member the information requested, but he would inquire into the subject.