HC Deb 27 January 1818 vol 37 cc18-9

The Speaker having taken the chair, several new writs were ordered, and the Clandestine Outlawry bill was, according to custom, read a first time. On the motion that it be read a second time,

Lord Althorp

wished to occupy the attention of the House a few moments on the subject of the Habeas Corpus Suspension act. He thought it was of the utmost importance to the character of the House that the earliest opportunity should be taken of repealing that act. As it was necessary to give previous notice of any motion of importance, he did not consider himself warranted in then moving for leave to bring in a bill for the repeal of this odious measure; but he gave this notice, that to-morrow he would submit a motion to the House for leave to bring in such a bill.

Mr. Arbuthnot

said, the noble lord would probably hear something in the course of the evening which might have the effect of inducing him to forego his motion—Shortly after,

Lord Althorp

, seeing lord Castlereagh in his place, wished to know from him whether or not he intended to move the immediate repeal of the Habeas Corpus Suspension act, because, if this was not his intention, he should himself submit a motion to the House on the subject.

Lord Castlereagh

said, it certainly was in the contemplation of his majesty's ministers, as the situation of the country no longer called for the continuance of the measure to apply to parliament for its repeal. Notice to that effect would be given in that place where the bill originated.