HC Deb 13 April 1818 vol 37 cc1297-8
Mr. Brougham,

in moving the second reading of the bill appointing commissioners to inquire into the application of Charitable Funds for the purposes of Education in England and Wales, wished to explain the course which he deemed it advisable to be pursued in this business. It had been his intention to propose that the inquiry of the commissioners should extend to all charities whatever; but he was now of opinion, that it would be most advisable to confine for the present the inquiries of the commissioners to charities for purposes of education, with an understanding that additional powers would be given next session to extend the inquiry to all other charities. There would be ample employment for the commissioners for a considerable time in the metropolis, and twenty or thirty miles in its neighbourhood, and this would give time for finding out the sort of persons who could most efficaciously execute the provisions of the act. When, therefore, It would be necessary to appoint additional commissioners next session, it would be more easy to find proper persons for that purpose. Another purpose would be gained by the delay—it would serve as a warning to those great bodies by whom charitable funds were at present abused. From what had happened already, he was confident this time would not be lost.

The bill was then read a second time.