HC Deb 06 June 1817 vol 36 cc909-10

The Speaker reported lord Colchester's Answer to Vote of Thanks of yesterday; as follows:

"London, 6 June 1817.

"Sir;— I have the honour to acknowledge your letter of this day, communicating to me, a resolution of the House of Commons, by which the House is pleased to express its thanks to me for my services as their Speaker, during the period in which I have been called upon to fill that high office. And having devoted the best years of my health and strength to the service of the House of Commons, with the consciousness that during that long period, I have never ceased to exert my best endeavours to execute the various duties of the station which I held by their favour, however inadequately those duties may have been performed, I beg you will assure the House of the deep and lasting gratitude with which I now receive this distinguished testimony of its approbation.— I request also that you, Sir, will be pleased to accept my best thanks for the expressions of kindness with which you have conveyed to me this communication. I have the honor to be, &c

To the right hon. COLCHESTER.

the Speaker, & c. & c.

Lord Castlereagh then reported the Answer of the Prince Regent to the Address of yesterday. It was as follows: —

"The Prince Regent has the justest sense of the long services and great merit of Charles lord Colchester, late Speaker of the House of Commons: and, in the name and on the behalf of his majesty, had already taken the same into his consideration.

"The Prince Regent is desirous, in compliance with the wishes of his majesty's faithful Commons, to confer upon the said lord Colchester some further signal mark of his favour; but, as the same cannot be effectually granted and secured without the concurrence of parliament, his royal highness recommends to the House of Commons the adoption of such measures as may be necessary for the accomplishment of this purpose."

Ordered, That the House do resolve itself into a Committee on the said Answer on Monday next.