HC Deb 17 February 1817 vol 35 cc408-9

The House having resolved itself into a committee of supply,

Sir George Warrender

rose to propose the Estimates for the ordinary service of the Navy, which had been brought to as near the lowest amount of the proposed peace establishment as was possible. The number of men which he had to propose was 19,000, of which number the royal marines were 6,000. The expense was calculated at 6l. 6s. per man a month, which was lower than the expense of the last year, when it was calculated at 6l. 15s. 9d. The estimates were proposed for six lunar months only which left the subject open to the future consideration of the finance committee and of the House. He concluded by moving, "That 19,000 men be employed for the sea service for six lunar months, from the 1st of January 1817, including 6,000 royal marines."

Mr. Tierney

expressed himself satisfied with the intention which ministers seemed to avow, of keeping up a respectable naval force, and was particularly anxious that the marine corps should be attended to. In 1792, he observed the sum voted for seamen was 4l. per man; it had afterwards risen to 7l., and it had now fallen to 6l. 6s. He was glad that the charge had been lowered, and he hoped, that 6l. 6s. would be found sufficient. He recollected, that though, in 1792, the sum voted was 4l. per man, yet it was so much under the mark, that an additional vote was given to cover the actual expense. He hoped that ministers were perfectly satisfied, that the sum mentioned be them would meet the actual expense.

Sir G. Warrender

observed, that the proportion of marines to the naval force was much greater than on any former occasion. In the year 1792 there had been 10,000 men, of which 4,400 were marines; in 1800 there had been 18,000, of which 4,600 had been marines. As to the estimated allowance per man, it was formed after the most mature consideration, though it was not possible exactly to foretel the actual expense.

The Resolution was agreed to; as were the following: viz. 216,600l. for wages of the said 19,000 men for six months; 233,700l. for victuals; 245,100l. for wear and tear of ships; and 22,800l. for ordnance for sea service.