HC Deb 08 March 1815 vol 30 cc0-53
Mr. Horner

begged to put a question to the right hon. gentleman over the way, which might be in some degree connected with the Corn Bill. Much had been said, in the course of the debates, of the danger of emigration by our artisans and mechanics; and an advertisement had been put into his hand, which, if correct, would imply that ministers had been aiding in promoting the departure of our manufacturers and others from this country. This advertisement was from a person who styled himself, in a Scotch newspaper, "government commissioner and general agent in Scotland;" and it stated that it was the intention of ministers to encourage settlers in the British provinces of North America, and that for that purpose ships were ready in the Clyde to take in passengers, &c. The hon. and learned member wished to know whether government had given any authority or instructions to the individual who had put forth this advertisement?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

could not give any information with regard to the particular advertisement; but he did certainly know, that it had been in the contemplation of the Secretary of State for the Colonial department to take measures to prevent emigration to the United States, and for that purpose to promote it to our own settlements in North America.

Mr. Horner

gave notice that on an early day he would bring the subject under the consideration of the House.