HC Deb 29 June 1815 vol 31 cc1040-1
Mr. A. Browne

, seeing an hon. member in his place who had obtained leave to bring in a Bill to prevent the smuggling of Slaves into our West-India colonies, wished to inquire when that Bill would be laid before the House. If it were only to be read a first time this session, it ought to be brought in without delay, that having been printed, it might during the recess be sent to the colonies.

Mr. Wilberforce

was a sufficiently old member of that House to know that the Bill ought to be brought in before the end of the present session, in order that copies of it might be sent abroad before Parliament assembled again. Since, however, it had only been proposed that it should be read a first time and printed in the present session, as it was a bill of great? detail, he had kept it back to read it carefully over, that it might be as correct as possible when it came before the House. He had considered that so it were brought in before the session was at an end, a week could not be of importance. He should have been ready with it sooner, had he thought a few days at all material in the present instance.

Mr. A. Browne

expressed himself content with the statement of the hon. gentleman. Tie was only anxious that the Bill should be brought in, in due time to have it printed before the close of the session.