HC Deb 08 June 1815 vol 31 cc691-2
Mr. Brogden

brought up the Report of the Committee of Ways and Means. On the resolution for imposing a duty of an additional halfpenny on newspapers being read,

Sir John Newport

suggested the propriety of reducing this duty to its original state. He was quite sure that the quantum of revenue the increase would produce, would in no respect compensate the public for the loss which they would sustain by the impediments which would be thrown in the way of receiving that information which at this particular period was of such general importance. The right hon. baronet then moved an amendment by substituting three-pence halfpenny in the room of four-pence.

After a few words from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, which were inaudible in the gallery, a division took place—For the Amendment, 16; Against it, 53; Majority, 37. The resolution was then agreed to.

List of the Minority.
Allen, G. Montgomery, sir H.
Compton, earl Newport, sir J.
Duncannon, visc. Riddell, sir J. B.
Horner, F. Ridley, sir M. W.
Lefevre, C. S. Smith, J.
Moore, P. Tierney, G.
Martin, J. TELLERS.
Marryatt, J. Bennet, hon. H. G.
Monck, sir C. Gordon, R.