HC Deb 28 March 1814 vol 27 cc371-2
Mr. Buthurst

moved the order of the day, for the House resolving into a committee on this Bill. In making this motion, he begged to state to the House, that in consequence of what he had said on a former occasion, when he moved for leave to bring in a Bill for the permanent relief of the clergy, he had received a letter from the attorney of the informer, Mr. Wright; in which he was accused of having, in the statements which he then made, prejudiced Mr. Wright's interests. The part of his speech which seemed to have given most offence was, that in which he stated, that an action had been brought against one gentleman for penalties which amounted to 15,816l. this gentleman having, in fact, invariably resided on one or other of the livings which he happened to hold: Mr. Wright's attorney stated, that this observation, although true in fact, was not true in substance; for, notwithstanding the law required that the damages should be laid at that sum, nominally, the real sum sought to be recovered was but 3,683l. subject to deductions, which would, no doubt, be made to a considerable extent. In the whole of this gentleman's correction, however, he had not attempted to refute the real essence of the observations which had been made; which was, that the person against whom the action had been commenced, had, in truth, invariably resided on one or other of his livings, and had only been guilty of neglecting to notify to his bishop on which he had resided. Whether the sum was 15,816l. or 3,683l. was a matter of no importance.

The Bill was then committed, and the report ordered to be received to-morrow.