HC Deb 16 November 1813 vol 27 c123
Mr. Lockhart

presented a Petition from certain insolvent debtors in the King's-bench, complaining of the delay which had taken place in carrying into effect the Insolvent Act of last session, and in consequence of which delay they had sustained many hardships. The hon. member proceeded to observe, that every motive which had induced the legislature last session to pass the Act in question ought now to induce them to take its deficiencies into immediate consideration. Though he (Mr. Lockhart) was a determined enemy to all Insolvent Acts in their principle, as tending to hold out temptations to practise a variety of frauds which were, indeed, the disgrace of the country; yet, as they had passed an Act for the relief of debtors, they certainly ought to take the necessary steps for rendering that Act as efficient as possible. For that reason, and also because the delays already experienced, as well those which must inevitably attend upon executing the provisions of the Act in question, from the numerous individuals who would claim under it, were really injurious to those persons whose relief the legislature contemplated, he should, unless he saw a disposition to do it in another place, propose on an early day to delegate to the courts of quarter sessions a concurrent jurisdiction for hearing and discharging insolvent cases, leaving the disposal of the debtors' property to the commissioner appointed under the Act.—The Petition was then ordered to lie on the table.