HC Deb 14 December 1812 vol 24 cc296-7

The Speaker announced, that if any gentlemen had petitions to present complaining of undue elections of members to serve in the present parliament, now was a proper time to give them in to the clerk. A considerable number were immediately presented, the names of which were severally written down on slips of paper and put into a balloting glass, from which they were drawn by the clerk, and the days for taking them into consideration fixed in the order of priority. They were as follows:

Pembroke county, against the return of sir John Owen; the committee to try the merits of which was appointed to be balloted for on the 2d March.—Carmarthen borough, against G. Campbell, esq.; committee March 4.—Cork city, against sir N. Colthurst; committee on 9th March.—Liverpool, against the right hon. George Canning and general Gascoyne; committee March 2.—Hythe against sir John Perring; committee on 9th March.—Grampound borough, against the hon. A. C. Johnstone, &c.; committee 11th March.—Denbigh borough, against lord Kirkwall; committee on 11th March.—Cardigan borough, against the hon. col. Vaughan; committee 16th March.—Pembroke borough, against sir John Owen; committee on 2nd March.—Youghall borough; committee 16th March. Helston borough, against H. Hammersley, &c.; committee on March 18.—A Petition against the return for Tregony borough, and a Petition against the return for the borough of Grimsby, were severally referred to the same committees which were appointed to be ballotted for to try former petitions affecting the same elections.