HC Deb 09 April 1812 vol 22 cc256-7
Sir John Newport

, in pursuance of the notice be had given, rose, to move for the addition of six members to the committee for examining into the state of the revenue and expenditure in Ireland. Among the names he should propose, were those of Mr. Shaw, of Dublin, Mr. Johnstone, and lord Archibald Hamilton. On the name of the first of those gentlemen being pot from the chair,

Mr. Pole

said, the fact was, that there were several documents which were necessary for the committee to have before them, which were not yet produced, and that the thin attendance was not attributable to any neglect on the part of the members. He considered, therefore, that any addition was wholly unnecessary.

Sir J. Newport

said, that while the right hon. gentleman admitted the fact of non-attendance, he seemed to consider it no evil. It was extraordinary that he should appear to suppose that the committee were to meet or not as he pleased to direct.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

hoped the right hon. baronet had never found any disposition not to accommodate, and he was quite sure that if the right hon. baronet had any proposition to make at any time to the committee, he, for his part, would be most desirous to meet his wishes. He was satisfied that a sufficient number of members were present if any business was before them.

Sir J. Newport

, though he should not press a division, yet he protested against the opposition made to his motion. The committee had been appointed last session, at the recommendation of the throne, and nothing had yet been done of any consequence; it was a delusion upon the country, and he therefore hoped, as the right hon. gentleman was about to propose lord Castlereagh's name to be added to the committee, that he would substitute it in the place of his, as he could not remain a member where he could be of no service.

Mr. W. Pole

expressed his concern at the wish of the right hon. baronet, whose services on the committee were so highly valuable, and whose absence from it would be so severely felt. He assured him that as far as his business would permit, he would give his attendance to the committee, and endeavour to meet his wishes.

The motion was then withdrawn, and the name of lord Castlereagh added to the committee.