HC Deb 23 July 1811 vol 20 cc1117-8

The Speaker acquainted the House, that he had received from lieutenant general lord viscount Wellington the following Letters, in return to the Thanks of the House, of the 7th of June last.

Quinta de St. Joao, July 1st, 1811.


"In obedience to the orders of the House of Commons, I have communicated to sir William Beresford and to captain general Blake the resolutions of the House of the 7th of June, conveying their approbation of the conduct of the general and other officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, of the allied armies which fought the battle of Albuera on the 16th of May. It has given me great satisfaction to have been made the channel of communicating to those officers the high honour which the House have conferred upon them. I have the honour to enclose a letter from sir William Beresford. I have the honour to be, &c. WELLIGTON."

"Sta. Olaia, June 29th, 1811.


"Lord Viscount Wellington, commanding his Majesty's and the allied forces in the Peninsula, having transmitted to me your letter of the 7th instant, communicating the Resolutions of the House of Commons, giving to me, to the general officers, officers, and troops under my immediate command on the 16th May, the thanks of that House for our conduct in the battle of Albuera, I have the honour to inform you, that I have signified to the several general officers specified in the resolution of the House of Commons, this most flattering and high distinction; and I beg you to assure the House, that the generals, officers, and troops, will appreciate with me their approbation, as the highest honour, and not only as the most agreeable remuneration for what service, under the assistance of Divine Providence, our efforts have been able to obtain in our country's cause, but as the most powerful incentive to future exertions.—I beg you will be pleased, for the general officers, officers, troops, and myself, to offer to the House of Commons the expression of our thanks and gratitude for the high honour of the approbation of that House, and which we shall ever be most ambitious of retaining. I beg you will believe me to be, with the highest consideration,

"Sir, &c. W. C. BERESFORD."