HC Deb 02 April 1811 vol 19 cc686-7
Mr. Lushington

moved for leave to bring in a Bill for amending the 18th of George 2, by extending the provisions of the said Act respecting the expence of Hosting and Poll Clerks at elections, as far as regards the city of Westminster.

Sir P. Burdett

stated the situation of the high bailiff of Westminster to be very different from that of the sheriff of a county. If it could not be proved that the emoluments of his office were too small, he thought that there was no reason for bringing in the Bill; and if that could be proved, he had no doubt but the liberality of the city of Westminster (whose rights he conceived would be in some degree affected by the measure), would be ready to increase his income.

Mr. Wynn

thought the city of Westminster ought not to be distinguished from other populous places, unless some reason was given why such distinction was made.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

observed, that some large places had particular regulations, and thought there could be no objection to the Bill being brought in.

Mr. Lockhart

objected to the measure, as likely to throw additional expence on the candidates, whether voluntary or involuntary, who might hereafter be put in nomination. He knew not how far the principle might be extended, and thought it his duty to oppose it in the first in-stance.

Mr. Wilson

spoke in favour of the Bill.—Leave was given to bring in the Bill.