HC Deb 25 May 1809 vol 14 c696

Mr. Secretary Canning delivered to the house the following Messuage from his majesty:

"George R.

"The king thinks it proper to acquaint the house of commons, that the ancient relations of good understanding and friend ship between his majesty and the emperor of Austria have been happily restored, and have been confirmed by a Treaty, of which, when the ratification shall have been exchanged, his majesty will direct a copy to be communicated to the house of commons.—Although the provisions of this Treaty do not include any stipulation for pecuniary assistance, his majesty is, nevertheless, desirous of being able to afford to his imperial majesty such assistance of that description as may be called for by the circumstances of the contest in which his majesty is engaged against the common enemy, and as can be furnished by his majesty, consistently with the other extended demands upon the resources of his majesty's dominions.—His majesty is equally desirous of continuing to the Spanish cause such succours as may be requisite for sustaining and assisting the efforts of that nation, against the tyranny and usurpation of France, as well as of giving consistency and effect to the exertions of the people of Portugal, for the defence of their lawful government and national independence.—His majesty relies upon the zeal and public spirit of his faithful commons, to enable his majesty to provide for these great objects, and to take such other measures as the exigency of affairs may require." "G. R."

Ordered, that his majesty's Message be referred to the committee of supply to-morrow.