HC Deb 08 May 1809 vol 14 c408
Mr. Secretary Canning

brought down a Message from his majesty, which was read by the Speaker, as follows:

"G. R. His majesty thinks it right to acquaint the house of commons that his majesty's ally the Prince Regent of Portugal, has requested his majesty's assent to the raising of a loan of 600,000l. in this country, the produce of which to be applied in part to the liquidation of advances made by his majesty to the Prince Regent, on his emigration from Portugal; and for services connected with his establishment. A Convention has been entered into between his majesty and the Prince Regent, by which the latter secures to his majesty the revenues of the Island of Madeira, for the payment of the interest, and for the gradual reduction of the principal of this Loan; a copy of which Convention his majesty will order as soon as possible to be laid on the table of the house; but as it may be necessary to provide for raising this Loan, in the Supplies of the year, and as his majesty has engaged to recommend to parliament to guarantee the payment of it, he has thought proper to make this communication to the house, and his majesty relies on his faithful commons, that they will enable him to fulfil the engagements which he has contracted with his allies."

His majesty's Message was ordered to be referred to the Committee of Supply on Friday.