HC Deb 04 May 1809 vol 14 cc352-3
Lord Folkestone

rose for the purpose of stating to the house, hat when he first moved for the Papers new on the table relative to colonel Ogle's Levy, he had applied to the conduct of that gentleman some strong terms; among others, that he had been guilty of perjury, fraud, and forgery. Since then he, from further inquiry, found that he was in error, and that no such serious charge was attributable to colonel Ogle. He therefore felt it his duty to declare to the house the error he had fallen into, particularly as colonel Ogle had expressed a very anxious desire that such an explanation should take place where the charge had originated. As to the remainder of what he had stated, he did not mean now to retract. He concluded by moving for the copy of a Letter from Mr. Merry of the War Office to Mr. Humphreys, dated 4th October, 1808, respecting colonel Ogle's levy.—This paper was accordingly granted.