HC Deb 27 March 1809 vol 13 cc816-7
Mr. J. Fane

presented a Petition from captain Huxley Sandon, now confined in Newgate by order of the house; setting forth. That the Petitioner has served his majesty in the West Indies, on the Spanish Main all the American War, on the Continent of France during the years 1794 and 1795, under the command of his royal highness the Duke of York, and in Spain during the late contest, making a period of thirty-two years; was once wounded, and at the capture of Fort Omoa caught a fever, which deprived him of the sight of one of his eyes; and that he has hitherto served with reputation and honour to himself, and until the unhappy occasion at the house, his reputation was never sullied; and that the Petitioner begs leave to state, that a concussion of the brain, which he experienced a few years since from his horse falling down a precipice with him (to corroborate this fact, a certificate of the Surgeon who attended hint is hereto annexed), sometimes much affects and confuses his faculties, and he felt himself more disordered on appearing before so awful an assembly than he anticipated; and that the effects of attending the house for three successive nights, before he had recovered the excessive fatigue of body and mind which he experienced during the late harassing retreat of the British army in Spain, in which his duties as Baggage Master General were arduous and unceasing, contributed to increase his confusion and bewilder his faculties; and that his agitation of mind, at an examination by so many honourable members, placed as he was in such a new and unexpected situation, so distracted and confused him, that he unintentionally and unfortunately lapsed into those contradictions by which he incurred the displeasure of the house, which he most seriously laments: and that the Petitioner has now been confined in the gaol of Newgate, by order of the house, for nearly five weeks; and his long confinement, and great anxiety of mind, added to what he had suffered from excess of fatigue, and the effects of former complaints, is materially injuring his health; and that the Petitioner has nevertheless submitted, with due resignation, to the punishment inflicted upon him by the house for his misconduct, of the impropriety of which he is fully sensible, and was aware that it would have been highly unbecoming in him to have obtruded his situation, however unfortunate, upon the attention of the house at an earlier period, but now implores humbly that his unfortunate condition may meet with the compassionate attention of the house; and praying, that the house, taking the aforesaid circumstances into consideration, will be graciously induced to mitigate the rigour of his unfortunate situation, by a restoration of liberty".—The Petition, together with Dr. Lynd's certificate of the Petitioner's ill health, was then read; and it was ordered, that capt. Huxley Sandon be brought to the bar of this house to-morrow, in order to his being discharged.