HC Deb 25 January 1809 vol 12 cc144-5

The Thanks of the house were then voted to lieut. gen. sir David Baird, second in command, to lieut. gen. the hon. John Hope, who succeeded during the engagement to the command of the army in the field of battle, to lieut. gen. Alex. Mackenzie Fraser, major-generals lord W. Bentinck, Coote Manningham, the hon. Edward Paget, Rowland Hill, W. Carr Beresford, Henry Warde, and James Leith, brigadier-generals John Slade, Moore Disney, and Henry Pane, and to the several officers who served in the army under the command of the late lieut. gen. sir John Moore, for their distinguished conduct and exemplary valour displayed in the battle of Corunna, whereby the complete repulse and signal defeat of the enemy, on every point of attack, was effected, and the safe and unmolested embarkation of the army secured in the presence of a French army of superior force."—It was also resolved nem. con. "That this house doth highly approve of and acknowledge the distinguished discipline, firmness and valour, displayed by the non-commissioned officers and private soldiers of the army under the command of the late lieut. gen. sir John Moore, in the battle of Corunna; and that the same be signified to them by the commanders of the several corps, who are desired to thank them for their intrepid and exemplary conduct."

Lord Castlereagh

then said, that as great part of the glory and splendour of the transaction was. owing to the spirit, activity, zeal, and enterprise of the navy, he was sure the house would most readily agree to bestow on the officers and men engaged in that part of our service the same distinguished mark of their approbation as they had just accorded to those of the army. He moved, therefore, the Thanks of the house to rear-admiral De Courcy and rear-admiral sir Samuel Hood, and the officers under their command, for their exertions in aiding the enterprize of our troops at Corunna. Also an acknowledgment to the non-commissioned officers and seamen, of the approbation of the house for their exertions, activity, and zeal on the same occasion.—Both the resolutions were put and agreed to nem, con.