HC Deb 14 April 1809 vol 14 c45
Mr. Robert Ward

stated at the bar, that the Admiralty had found it necessary to issue its Warrant to take rear admiral Harvey into custody, in order to stand his trial before a Court-Martial, under charges of a breach of naval discipline, exhibited against him by lord Gambier. As admiral Harvey was a member of she house, it had been thought a mark of just respect to state the circumstance, and lay a Copy of the Warrant on the table.—The Speaker ordered the Warrant to be delivered in at the table.—The clerk read the Warrant, which purported that the proper officer was to take admiral Harvey into custody, and to bring him before a Court Martial, to be held at Portsmouth on Monday the 1st of May next, or as soon after as a Court Martial could be assembled, to answer to charges exhibited against him by lord Gambier. It also intimated, that it was not the intention of the Admiralty that the confinement of admiral Harvey should extend any farther than he should give his honour to appear before the court.