HC Deb 22 March 1808 vol 10 cc1243-4
Sir C. Pole

, pursuant to notice, called the attention of the house to some appointments on the establishment of this hospital, in which due regard was not had to the preference which ought to be shewn to persons who had served in the navy. He cited all the commissions relative to Greenwich Hospital, from the first under William and Mary, to shew, that such a preference ought always to be given; and concluded with moving an Address to his majesty, praying, that he would be graciously pleased to give directions, that all the appointments belonging to the said hospital should henceforth filled with persons who had served in the navy.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said it must be the object of every one to promote as much as possible what the hon. baronet was desirous to accomplish. But there were offices for which persons properly qualified could not be found in the navy, such as clerk of the works, who should be an architect; auditor, who should be a lawyer; organist, brewer, clerk of the cheque, surveyor, and others. With these exceptions, he thought no other office should be filled otherwise than from the navy, except when, after a month's notice in the newspapers, no naval person should present himself with proper qualifications to fill the office vacant. He should propose an amendment, adopting the hon. baronet's idea, with this limitation, and he should, in the event of the amendment being adopted, propose an Address to his majesty, praying that he would cause a corresponding alteration to be made in the Charter of Greenwich Hospital.

After some observations from Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Rose, Mr. N. Calvert. and Mr. R. Ward, sir C. Pole agreed to the exceptions proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the motions were passed accordingly