HC Deb 24 June 1808 vol 11 c1062

Mr. Huskisson brought up Mr. Palmer's Arrears bill, which was read a first time.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer,

in moving that it be read a second time to-morrow, stated it to be his intention to give every support to this bill for carrying it through that house. But if the hon. gent. who was concerned in the measure did not wish that it should proceed further, he should feel that he had done his duty in bringing it in, and the hon. gentleman might, if he thought it right, suffer the order of the day to drop.

Mr. W. Smith

approved of the candour of the right hon. gentleman. He saw no cause of disapprobation which could exist against him for his conduct, notwithstanding all that had been urged against him last night.—The bill was then ordered to be read a second time to-morrow.