HC Deb 08 June 1808 vol 11 c828
Mr. Brand

presented a Petition from John Cartwright of Enfield, in the county of Middlesex, taking notice of the Bill for enabling his majesty to establish a permanent local Militia force in England, under certain restrictions, for the defence of the realm; and setting forth, that the petitioner conceives the said Bill is essentially at variance with the English constitution, and, if it should pass into a law, and make part of the present general system of defence for Great Britain, which general system the petitioner conceives to be fundamentally unconstitutional and defective, that system would thereby be farther countenanced, confirmed, and fortified, whence greater danger to the state, and to the laws and liberties of the people, would arise, than that to which they are already exposed; and therefore praying, that the said bill may not pass into a law.—The Petition was read, and ordered to lie on the table.