HC Deb 22 January 1808 vol 10 c83
Sir F. Burdett

took the oaths and his seat.— New Writs were ordered for the boroughs of Castle Rising, Tregony, Tiverton, and Yarmouth, in the room of the hon. C. Bagot, Mr. G. Wentworth, the hon. Richard Ryder, and Mr. J.C. Jervoise; the two former of whom had accepted the Stewardship of the. Chiltern Hundreds; Mr. Ryder the place of Commissioner of the Treasury; and the latter deceased.— Renewed petitions were presented, complaining of the returns for the following places, and ordered to be taken into consideration on the days annexed: Banbury and Saltash, Feb. 2; Chippenham, Feb.; Saltash, and Horsham, Feb 9; Evesham, Feb.11; county of Sussex and Dublin University, Feb. 16; Renfrewshire and Nottingham, Feb. 18; Penrhyn, Feb. 23.—The Chancellor of the Exchequer observed, that the house had derived much convenience from the limitation which it fixed last session to the time for receiving Private Petitions, and bringing in Bills thereon, as also for receiving Reports of such bills. He therefore proposed, that a similar regulation should be made in the present session. It was then ordered, that no private petition should be received after the 26th of Feb; that no bill should be brought in thereon after the 28th of March, and that no report of such bill should be received after the 16th of May.