HC Deb 21 January 1808 vol 10 c37

The house met this day for the dispatch of business. At three o'clock, Mr. Quarme, yeoman usher of the black rod, appeared within the bar, and informed the house that the lords, authorized by virtue of his majesty's commission, desired the immediate attendance of the house, in the house of peers, to hear the commission read. The Speaker, accompanied by several members, accordingly attended. On their return, the Speaker took the chair, and acquainted the house, that in pursuance of the provisions, of an act of the 24th of his present majesty, he had ordered writs to be issued for the election of members for the following places: Beaumaris, in the room of lord Newborough, deceased: Lincoln, in the room of colonel Monson, deceased: Tavistock, in the room of lord viscount Howick, now earl Grey: the county of Monaghan, in the room of R. Dawson, esq. deceased; and the county of Donnegal, in the room of H. V. Brooke, esq. deceased.—The Clandestine Outlawry bill was, according to custom, read a first, and ordered to be read a 2nd time.—New writs were ordered as Ulm: For the borough of Mitchel, in the room of G. G. Mills, esq. who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds: for Whitchurch, in the room of time hon. W. Broderick, who had accepted the office of one of the, lords commissioners of the treasury: for Stamford, in the room of general Leland, deceased; and for Clithero, in the room of the hon. J. Cust, now lord Brownlow.