HC Deb 15 February 1808 vol 10 c487
Sir James Pulteney,

from the select committee appointed to try and determine the merits of the petition of Joseph Garland, esq.; and also of the petition of sir Rd. Bickerton, bait.; severally complaining of an undue election and double return for the town and county of the town of Poole; informed the house, that the said committee had determined, That Joseph Garland, esq. and sir Richard Bickerton, bart were not duly elected; that John Jeffery, esq. was duly elected; and that the last election for the said town and county, so far as respects the said Joseph Garland and sir Rd. Bickerton, was a void election: also, that the said petitions did not, either of them, appear to the said committee to be frivolous or vexatious.—Col. Strutt presented a Declaration from Mr. Fuller, one of the members for Sussex, declaring that it was not his intention to defend his election against the petitions of col. Sergison, and certain Freeholders. The consideration of the petitions was adjourned to the 24th of March. —In consequence of the ill health of sir Home Popham, leave of absence was given to him for a month. Mr. Lushington, on the same ground, postponed the motion of which he had given notice for to-morrow, respecting advances from the Droits of Admiralty fund to sir Home Popham.