HC Deb 13 April 1808 vol 11 c61
The Chancellor of the Exchequer

brought in a bill to encourage the residence of Stipendiary Curates.

Mr. M. A. Taylor

would be glad of a provision that would secure even the residence of Curates; for the only object of many of those who possessed a plurality of livings, was to get the duty done as cheaply as possible. The Clergy Residence act had in a great measure failed from the facility of procuring licences. He knew an instance of a clergyman who had two livings in different parts of the country, who procured an exemption from residing at any of them; from the one upon a certificate that the country did not agree with his constitution, and from the other because the country did not agree with his wife.—The bill was then read a first and second time, committed and reported.

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