HC Deb 18 March 1807 vol 9 c150
Lord Howick

rose and addressed the house as follows:—Sir, since I had the honour of introducing into this house, a bill for allowing dissenters of every description, to enter into his majesty's military and naval services, under certain restrictions, circumstances have occurred which have twice induced me to move for the postponement of the second reading of that bill. I now rise to state, that the same circumstances still continue to operate, and that I shall not be prepared to-morrow to propose the second reading. Not being able to ascertain on what day it may be in my power to proceed with this bill, I think it consistent with my public duty to make this statement, in consequence of which the order of the day for the second reading will be dropped, to be revived as the house may think fit. I am aware, sir, that this intimation must attract much observation, and that the house and the public will naturally expect some information with respect to the motives of it. All I can now say is, that I must beg their indulgence (hear! hear! from all parts of the house). I am not at present authorised, nor would it accord with my duty, to enter into any explanation on the subject. Whenever the proper time shall come, I can assure the house, that no man will be more ready than I shall be to state fully that, which under the present circumstances, I feel bound to withhold. I therefore must confine myself to giving notice, that I shall not move to-morrow for the second reading of the Roman Catholics Army and Navy Service bill.

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