HC Deb 06 March 1807 vol 9 c58
Colonel Wilder ,

seeing an hon. general in his place, wished to know from him whether it was his intention to bring forward the motion, of which he had given notice, for the expulsion of a member not now present (Mr. Cawthorne). It was painful to the hon. member, who was the object of that motion, that the matter should remain longer in suspense. It was also desirable to the house that the question should be brought to a decision as soon as possible.

General Porter said, that no man was a more anxious than he that this matter should be brought to a speedy decision, which must be equally desirable to the house and the gentleman who was the object of the motion. But the house having thought fit to appoint a committee to inquire into precedents relating to expulsion, he could not possibly proceed till that committee should have made its report, That report being now before the house, it was his intention this day, if the chairman of tho committee alluded to had been present, to fix a day as early as consistent with the convenience of that hon. gent., and that of the house. He would now merely state, that be intended on Monday to fix as early a day as possible, consistent with these objects.

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