HC Deb 31 July 1807 vol 9 c1025
Sir J. Newport

enquired if any step was intended to be taken by his majesty's ministers, founded on the returns which had been made of the state of the established church in Ireland? He had the authority of the primate and metropolitan of all Ireland, for stating that there were, in one diocese, no less than 10 parishes without a church, without a glebe-house, without, in short, any sort of residence for the clertyman, and without any probability that there would shortly be any dwelling erected for that purpose. It was known that his majesty's late ministers had entered into a serious consideration of those circumstances; and, if he was not given to understand that the present ministers intended to make some material alteration in that respect, he gave notice that he would, early in the next sessions, submit to parliament, a proposition on that head.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

assured the right hon. baronet, that it was the intention of his majesty's present servants to turn their attention to the state of the church in Ireland, as soon as they had before them such documents as might authorize them to take any step towards the accomplishment of so desirable an object. At present, however, he had not in his hands such returns as he thought necessary, previous to his endeavour to remedy the evil of which the right hon. baronet complained.