HC Deb 29 July 1807 vol 9 cc1015-6
Mr. Whitbread

moved the order of the day for going into a committee on the poor's Relief bill.— On the clause relating to Settlement, a conversation took place between Mr. Morris, Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Calvert, Mr. Giddy, Mr. W. Smith, Mr. Pole Carew, Mr. Rose, Mr. S. Bourne, and the Solicitor-General.

Mr. S. Bourne

proposed that the blank should be filled up with the words "ten years," instead Of "five."

Mr. Whitbread

was willing to admit the introduction of "seven years."—A division ensued; for the ten years 32, against it 25: majority 7.

Mr. W. Smith

moved for the admission into the clause of a proviso that it should not extend to Norwich.

After some observation by Mr. Whitbread, this motion was negatived without a division.—A long discussion then took place on the question, "that the above clause so amended, stand part of the bill;" which terminated in a division: For the clause 23; against it 30; majority 7.

Mr. Whitbread

then declared his intention of abandoning the bill for the present session, and the chairman left the chair.