HC Deb 28 July 1807 vol 9 c973
Mr. alderman Shaw

offered a petition from W. Spurrier, who had been ordered to attend the house, to answer as to the detention of the Poole writ. The petition went to excuse the conduct of the petitioner, who prayed the indulgence of the house. The Speaker suggested, that it was informal to receive a petition from an individual ordered to attend in his person. The individual would have an opportunity to offer his excuse in the course of his examination at the bar.—A new writ was ordered for the county of Kinross, in the room of Mr. Adam, who, having been elected for Kincardineshire also, had made his election to serve for the latter.—Mr. secretary Canning presented at the bar a copy of the treaty of amity, enterred into between his majesty and the king of Prussia. The right hon. secretary stated that this treaty had been framed at Memel on the 28th of January; but the ratification of the king of Prussia had not arrived for many months after, and the events that had since occurred had entirely superseded the provisions agreed upon.