HC Deb 27 January 1807 vol 8 c558
Lord H. Petty

gave notice, that he meant on Thursday next, to submit certain Resolutions relating to the Finances of the country; and as he meant to move these resolutions in a committee of the whole house in the most formal manner, he should take the liberty of moving now, that the house should resolve itself into a committee of the whole house on that day, to consider of the Finances of the country. Ordered that the house should, on Thursday, resolve itself into the said committee.—On the motion of Mr. Johnstone, it was ordered, that there be laid before the house accounts of all pensions, granted by the crown in Great Britain from the 1st of April, 1805, to the 17th of Jan. 1807; also accounts of all new offices created, and all salaries increased by fees or otherwise, in Great Britain, in the same period. Similar accounts were ordered for Ireland.—Mr. White presented at the bar the following list of members appointed to try the merits of the petition complaining of an undue election for the borough of Thetford: P. Grenfell, C. O'Hara, R. Ferguson, hon. W. H. Lyttleton, sir R. Williams, G. Anson, J. Hewitt, G. Hibbert lord Primrose, John Fane, A. Shakespeare hon. C. L. Dundas, lord Headley; nominees. S. Whitbread, R. Fellowes.—On the motion of Mr. Herbert, a committee was appointed to enquire into the provisions of the act of James 1. relating to the tanning trade, and to report their opinions upon them to the house. The petitions on this subject were referred to the said committee.