HC Deb 19 May 1806 vol 7 c263
Mr. Alexander

brought up the report of the bill for making a further provision for the family of lord Nelson. On the report being read,

Mr. Fuller

observed, that the country had, by its liberality to the family of the deceased hero, evinced the respect and gratitude, which were justly due to his memory. He trusted, therefore, that neither the magnanimity of that illustrious man, nor the generosity of the empire, would be forgotten by those who were to receive profits and honours on account of the service which the immortal Nelson had performed. He would not then particularise any thing, though his object must occur to many members in the house; he hoped the representative of that family would also shew some degree of generosity, and comply with the wish expressed by the illustrious founder of the family in his last moments.—The resolutions were then read and agreed to.