HC Deb 12 May 1806 vol 7 c109
Mr. Secretary Windham

hoped the hon gent. opposite to him (Mr Jeffery) would not object, on the ground of the inconvenience of postponing motions, to delay a little longer his motion respecting the noble lord. Not only his motion, but the order for the third reading of the bill for repealing the Additional Force act, stood for the next day. If he could postpone his motion on that account, it would be a personal favour to him.

Mr. Jeffery

said, he would certainly rather postpone his motion for another day, than that it should throw any impediment in the way of a measure which he conceived of such great importance as that bill; but in consenting to withdraw his motion for to-morrow, he relied on its being suffered to come on without interruption on Wednesday next.

Lord Henry Petty,

in the absence of his noble friend (lord Howick), who would have to take a material part in the debate on the subject, requested the hon. gent. would state the nature of the charges he meant to bring forward against the noble earl, to whom his motion was to apply.

Mr. Jeffery

replied, that he was resolved to pursue the course adopted by the hon. prosecutor (Mr. Whitbread) in the impeachment now pending in Westminster Hall, who gave in his charges only on the morning of the day on which the house was to proceed on them.—On being again applied to, Mr. Jeffery stated, that his charges against earl St. Vincent would be for misconduct, neglect, and mismanagement, Whilst he was first lord of the admiralty.