HC Deb 26 March 1806 vol 6 c538
Mr. Holford

brought in a bill for forming the Philanthropic Society into a Corporation, which was read a first time, and ordered to be read a 2d time. Mr. Johnson, from the office of the Chief Secretary for Ireland, presented an account of all Offices granted in reversion in Ireland, with the periods for which granted, and the dates of the grants.—Mr. Rix, from the Excise Office, presented an?account of the Malt charged with duties for the two years ending 5th Jan. 1806.—Mr. Burdon brought in a bill for the better regulation of the admeasurement of Coals scaborne, which was read a first time.—Mr. Vansittart obtained leave to bring in a bill to empower the Commissioners of the Treasury in Ireland to issue Treasury Bills on the credit of the Supplies for the year.—General Tarleton gave notice of his intention on the day previous to the house adjourning for the Easter Holidays, to submit to the house a motion on the State of the Military Defence of the Country, particularly on the Defence Act, provided this subject Was not in the mean time taken up in another quarter.—Mr. Tierney mentioned that he wished to propose an alteration in the Treating bill, and would move that it should be committed now, printed as amended, and afterwards recommitted. The bill was accordingly committed, passed the committee, reported, ordered to be printed as amended, and to be re-committed on Monday the 21st of April.